Male strippers open 2015 Critics Choice Movie Awards

male strippers open 2015 critics choice movie awards

The Hollywood Men’s Brian V among the male strippers on stage

Los Angeles, CA – January 16, 2015: If you watched the 20th Annual Critics Choice Awards on A&E on January 15, or attended the awards show at The Hollywood Palladium, you would have recognized one of the 6 male strippers that opened the show. The Hollywood Men’s very own lead dancer Brian V.

We were contacted by the show’s casting director a week prior to the event because they wanted to book a male strip show to do a short routine spoofing the Magic Mike XL movie coming out this July.

The host of this year’s show was none other than Michael Strahan, who stars in the upcoming comedy and who ended up without his pants at the end of his monologue.

We would have loved to provide all of the dancers for the male strip routine, but it was a union gig. However there weren’t enough in the union cast qualified to do the job so our very own Brian V was offered the remaining spot.

Ironically enough, the routine used the same song that Brian now uses in his cop strip act in the The Hollywood Men show performed Friday nights at Supperclub and Saturday nights at OHM.

Brian, and the rest of the strippers got to hang out with all of the stars attending backstage so it was quite a thrill for Brian, (who is a big fan of action movies), to rub shoulders with Chris Evans, Captain America himself.

In case you missed the male strip opening at the awards show, watch Brian in action.


Fri 5/17 show cancelled / Tix for Sat 5/18 still available