BodyAware changes The Hollywood Men one brief at a time

BodyAware briefs worn by The Hollywood Men

Los Angeles, CA – March 3, 2015: The Hollywood Men announce BodyAware as their official provider of intimate apparel for the show.

“For our Addicted strip act, we love wearing BodyAware’s red silk boxer briefs because they provide the perfect pouch to hold us comfortably in place and a wide elastic waistband that stays in place so they never ride up,” says Scott Layne, co-owner and MC of The Hollywood Men show.

“BodyAware offers an amazing array of beautifully designed and impeccably manufactured underwear for men of all shapes and sizes, not just male strippers,” adds Layne.

“We look forward to showcasing more from BodyAware in our upcoming acts and photo shoots.”

About BodyAware

Since 1988, BodyAware has been at the forefront of the drive to set new standards in fashion and fun in the design of men’s underwear, leaving behind the traditional and often plain boring underwear of the past. Whether it’s the classic brief or an erotically charged thong, BodyAware’s designs are modern, stylish and comfortable.

At least 90% of BodyAware’s products are manufactured here in the United States of America, allowing for better quality control and rapid development of new designs.