The Longest Running and Most Successful Male Revue in
Southern California, Satisfying Women since 1995


The Hollywood Men is the only upscale, fully-choreographed show for ladies in the Los Angeles area! Unlike other shows, we deliver what we promise; the most quality entertainers, the most tastefully provocative show for ladies in Southern California, and an upscale environment in which to celebrate a Birthday, a Bachelorette's final night of freedom, or just a ladies night out! We feature only the best looking, most talented and experienced male exotic entertainers in the business! We pride ourselves on our multi-ethnic variety as it is the "Spice of Life". Whether you like dancers who are Latin, Asian, Black, or Caucasian, we've got something for every woman's taste. Come and see the show that was used as research for the movie "Magic Mike". Never settle for less than the best, THE HOLLYWOOD MEN, it's Viagra for Women! Click here for all performance information. Click here to see our videos.


As you may well know, we have been performing at Level 3 Nightclub since the Highlands closed almost two years ago. Level 3 closed its doors for good on November 2nd in order to take over the old Highlands space and is now open under the name OHM Nightclub! While waiting for the club to become operational, we have been performing at Tru nightclub but they are closing for renovation after our final show on June 6th, 2014. Starting June 13th, we will be doing our Friday shows at Supperclub until OHM gets a Friday promotion to follow our show, after which we will be at OHM full-time. Our Saturday shows now take place at OHM. If you haven’t seen the show in this beautiful new venue, you’re in for a real treat! Please visit the show info page of this website for the latest updates and show info for both venues. Click here to see some pictures of our new home.


If you’re looking for male strippers in the Los Angeles area, never settle for less than the best! Experience the show that is the #1 birthday and bachelorette party destination and the ultimate ladies night out! The shows are every Friday and Saturday nights in Hollywood, Ca. Ladies of all ages enjoy this spectacular stage show that includes gorgeous male dancers, big screen visuals, humor, sensuality, and pulsating music. Ladies are welcome to stay afterward and party at the hottest venues in Los Angeles.

Hollywood, CA—Magic Mike exists only on the big screen so if you’ve seen the “Reel Thing” and it left you wanting more, it’s time to experience the “Real Thing”. They’re called the “Hollywood Men” and they are L.A.’s best and only full production male exotic show for ladies. Formed in 1995 the Hollywood Men have found a new home at Ohm Nightclub. Every Friday and Saturday nights, they perform to a standing room only crowd of ecstatic women. The Hollywood Men offer a fully choreographed dance show featuring only the most impressive male exotic entertainers in the business. The performance is 90 minutes in length and features Playgirl’s 1998 Man of the Year, Scott Layne. Immediately following the show, the lucky ladies in the audience are given the opportunity to have their picture taken with the cast.  

Bachelorettes, Birthday girls, girlfriends, Wives, Moms, and even Grandmothers set aside their daily routines to cheer and scream for the revue that has been seen on Entertainment Tonight, The Tonight Show, 9 on the Town, National Enquirer TV, Fox 11 news, Telemundo, KMEX, and many other televised shows around the world. They have been seen and heard around Los Angeles with radio personalities, STAR 98.7’s Jamie and Danny, Ryan Seacrest, Lisa Fox, Kiss FM’s The Nastyman, and KLOS’ Mark and Brian. The show was used extensively for researching the film Magic Mike and will be featured in episode 2 of the upcoming season of ABC’s The Bachelorette. The Hollywood Men have toured as far away as Romania, and perform in only the most lavish settings in the Los Angeles area, a perfect match for their style of performance and upscale clientele.

The Hollywood Men: Fantasy comes to life in the best and only full-production male exotic revue for ladies in Southern California. Simply the best male strippers and exotic dancers in the business. Bare erotic hunks strip for bachelorette parties, bridal showers, birthday parties, or just ladies night out.

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