hwmen on stage at station 1640


When is the event?

Friday and Saturday nights.


Station 1640 Nightclub
1640 N Cahuenga Blvd. (just south of Hollywood Blvd.)
Hollywood, CA 90028


On Friday nights the doors open at 7:30 pm, the show starts at 8:30 pm and finishes at 10:00 pm.

On Saturday nights the doors open at 7:00 pm, the show starts at 8:00 pm and finishes at 10:00 pm.

Stay for the after party either night from 10:00 pm till 2:00 am.


2 hour live show


The entrance of the club is located on Cahuenga Blvd, just south of Hollywood Blvd. (The building is painted red, and you’ll enter through the gate on the left side of the building).

There are multiple parking structures close to 1640. Click this link to the closest one.

Age Limit


Admission / Ticket Types

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There are 3 types of table seating at Station 1640:

GENERAL$40 per person

PREFERRED$45per person

VIP$50 per person

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The table location is determined by the distance from the stage and/or the view of the show.

We require a 50% pre-purchase of advanced tickets to hold a table for your party (minimum of 2 tickets per order).

If we reach capacity, you may be required to purchase the remaining tickets to ensure attendance of all members of your party.

Tables are assigned according to the date of purchase. The sooner you purchase, the better the table location. Any ladies joining your party who have not pre-purchased can pay cash at the door.

Please make sure you notify us immediately if there is a change in the expected headcount so we can hold the proper amount of seats necessary to accommodate your entire party.

If you have less than 3 in your party, make a reservation and seats will be held for you, (Cash only at the door)


Bar Information

Click here for their bar menu. There is a 2-drink minimum per attendee, unless you order bottle service (max 10 guests per bottle). Tax is included and 20% gratuity is added to all orders.


Currently there is no food at this venue. However there are plenty of dining options in the area.


For directions to STATION 1640 Nightclub at 1640 N Cahuenga Blvd. (just south of Hollywood Blvd), Hollywood, CA 90028 visit Google maps

Online reservations


Tired of leaving messages and waiting for a return call?

If you would like to make a reservation online, your request will be reviewed and a reservations expert will call you within 24 hours.

Please realize that it is very busy this time of year and it may take up to 24 hours for a reservationist to return your call.

Calls are returned on a priority basis, earliest shows first, so please be patient, we will get back to you.

Many ladies ask “why make a reservation if general seating is first come first served and not specified?” The answer is simple, we have a seating capacity and need to know when we reach that. We also need to know how many ladies are coming so we know how to staff the night and configure the room.

If we are at capacity and you do not have a reservation, you will have to wait in a separate line until all ladies with reservations have entered, (and by then it may be standing room only or sold out!).

There is no charge for making a reservation and they can always be changed or cancelled.

General info

Ladies, we are aware of the temptation to start drinking before coming to STATION 1640 Nightclub (especially for Bachelorette or Birthday parties).

Please keep in mind that intoxicated ladies will not be permitted to enter the STATION 1640 Nightclub. We would hate to see your event ruined by this so please make sure that no one in your party shows up at the club intoxicated.

Reservations are required to ensure entry. To make a reservation by phone, call the hotline at (818) 845-6636. Listen to the outgoing message for all performance information then, after the tone, please leave us your name, phone number, night you wish to attend, and the number of ladies in your party. A reservationist will return your call to confirm your reservation, explain the choice of seating, give you directions, and all other information you require.

When leaving your message, please remember to speak slowly and clearly, (especially if you are calling from a cell phone), and don’t forget your area code. It may take up to 24 hours for a reservationist to return your call, unless of course it’s for that night.

Calls are returned on a priority basis, earliest show dates first, so please be patient, we’ll get to you.

On show days, the reservation office closes at 5:30 PM. If you are calling after 5:30 PM on the night you wish to attend and you do not have a reservation, either come down to STATION 1640, we’ll squeeze you in, or if you are late, lost, or wish to make a last minute reservation, you may call (818) 669-6702.

All others callers, please only use the reservation line at (818) 845-6636


We are not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged personal items. Please keep any personal items secured or with you at all times. If you are missing something, please notify the management immediately. We’ll do our best to help you locate your property.

By entering the premises of any of our venues, you understand the nature and content of this production show for ladies. During certain acts in the show, ladies from the audience are brought on stage to participate in various routines. These “appearances” may include suggestive dance moves, a kiss on the cheek, physical contact of a non-sexual nature, or a harmless spank. It’s all in good fun of course, but if you feel that any or all of these examples may offend you or someone in your party, please make us aware of your declination to participate in these activities if, or when asked.

See you at our male strip show at STATION 1640 Nightclub!