Scott Layne

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Scott. Layne is actually my middle name and the one I chose for my acting career.

I’m one of the two owners of The Hollywood Men show and though retired from dancing in 2004, I still MC the shows and occasionally fill-in with some of the routines.

My ethnicity is German, Scottish, French, and American Indian.

  • First of, I would like to start by saying that I went to the show with my sister on April 5. I thought that the show was great and I really enjoyed watching it even though I’m a guy and I would recommend the show to anyone.

    I have some important questions concerning the Latin Lover strip act. It’s actually a concern. I know that the participant has to drink champagne with Victor in this strip act. Can the champagne be replaced with a non-alcoholic drink? Some girls might not be okay with drinking alcohol. If a girl who doesn’t drink alcohol wants to participate in this strip act, then is it possible for the champagne to be replaced with a non-alcoholic beverage?

  • My friends and I were overjoyed by the show and the performers. We loved the sensual movements, the never ending tease and the gaze of their eyes. They kept us captivated thru the entire show. In addition, they are very professional, respectful, charismatic and they know how to give a great show without being vulgar. Thank you, we will be seeing more of you guys soon!

  • Hey there, I was wondering if it is required to come in a group? I don’t have any close female friends and I was hoping if I could come on my own in the future when I have/get the time.
    And yes my last name is just like America but without the leading ‘a’.
    Savannah Merica.

    • Hey Savannah,
      You can join us when in need of some fun girls to hang with… :-).
      We’re not the youngest on the block but we still enjoy going out in LA or Hollywood. We’ve seen the HW men twice.
      How old are you though?

    • Of course you can come solo Savannah, ladies do so all the time and I’m sure you’ll make lots of new friends.
      Thanks and see you at the show,
      Scott Layne

  • Hi Scott-thank you for the mailing address, I’ll look forward to keep in touch. How long have you been an HW Men performer, what you think of Hollywood, California?2CD

    • I’ve been in the business since 1980 but started Hollywood Men in January of 1995. I love Hollywood for work but would never consider living there again.
      Take care,

  • What made you want to join your swing choir? How long have you been dancing? Back in high school I was apart of the show choir, probably not the same thing though lol but it took a hammer to my shell and started an interest for dance.

    • I was kind of a loaner in High School, didn’t really fit in with any of the “clicks”. Swing choir got me out of my shell and once I got a taste of the stage, I never looked back. I knew I had found my calling!

  • I saw an episode of Arrested Development and saw Scott at the “cop/stripper” scene. I started smiling like mad, remembering driving to Rubidoux to see you every Thursday. Those were the days! Thanks for the smile!

  • Merry Christmas to you and all of the Hollywood Men! And, thank you for bringing so much joy to the world! Over the years, the Hollywood Men have introduced some of the handsomest/sexiest men to the world. You are a group of uninhibited Adonises!

    Thank you so much!

    And, Happy New Year!

  • Scott,
    I haven’t seen you since 2000. You still look great. Congratulations on the bit on the Steve Brule show. Funny as hell. Is Chris St. James still doing the show with you? ( thought he was in the skit)
    Have a great day!

  • All I can say is Wow!!!! 💗 This place is Sophisticated, lots of Beautiful Men that can dance and really entertain you, even the Waiters are Hot and they’re all a Gentlemen so if you’re shy or if you’re coming alone it’s okay… I was treated like a queen and their hospitality superb from the Security at the door, to the Waiters on the Floor, and the Owners are sooo sweet…. Special Thanks to Dan, you are the sweetest!!!!! Ladies you have to experience HWMen… You won’t regret it. Thank you Scott for an experience of a lifetime. 💗 I’ll see you again with all my girlfriends. Thank you thank you Thank you…

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