Ray Lee

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I’m Ray. My ethnic background is Korean/ Japanese/ British. I just say I’m Korean though because that’s the dominant trait. People often say I look Chinese or Filipino.

I was born in Atlanta, Georgia but was raised in Everett, Washington. I currently live in Los Angeles but have lived in Atlanta, Vancouver, Everett, Temecula and Okinawa.

I like dancing because it’s a way to communicate with someone without having to use words. It’s also an expression of myself. If I wanted to let someone know how I’m feeling, I can express that through my movements. I usually get positive feedback.

  • I went a while back and Ray gave an amazing performance, it was nice to talk to him after the show as well. Planning another trip to HM soon, can’t wait!

  • Had an interest in booking Ray Lee for a promotion I have in Wichita Falls,TX on 9/23/23.

    Didn’t know if your entertainers take booking out of state or not. If so, I have a perfect theme for a show I want him to be part of. Please let me know what is his booking and terms. Thanks!

    Kiev Embery
    Sensuous Flava Ent.
    Wichita Falls,TX

  • You’re literally so hot. It’s disrespectful. Are you still doing shows during quarantine? If so, how much would we have to pay you for you to drive down from Los Angeles to Vegas to do a private show. We’ll pick you up. xoxo

  • You did good last night, great talking to you after the show …. I am the one who said u look like 16 🤣🤣

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    • My birthday is in April I’d love to see you perform. Just need to know what days you perform. Thank you for your time

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Tix still avail tonight. Cash only at door.