Brian V

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Hi, I’m Brian Ventimiglia or just Brian V.

I’m 5′9″. I was born in Oklahoma but I was raised on the Big Island of Hawaii.

My background is Sicilian, Irish, German Welsh.

I started dancing hip hop in high school and never stopped. Dancing has always been and will always be a passion of mine.

  • First time at the show or any male revue and yes best dancer hands down ! Where do you train? I bet you’re propositioned a lot ! 😂

  • It was an amazing night Brian V. Thanks for the surprising and personally escorting me from the hotel to the show. Stay sexy forever baby!!! YOLO -Vue

  • Que bien que estas estudiando otra idioma! Nunca he ido a un club de bailadores pero es evidente que estas trayendo mucha felicidad a mujeres de muchas edades y personajes…buen suerte con todo 🙂

  • Hands down the best dancer in the show. He is very engaged and gives it his all. My favorite performance was this routine . Super funny routine as well. He mouthed the words exact and dance moves spot on. Try to his bio he loves to dance and is great at it !

  • You say youre a big marvel freak? I may give you a run for your money lol Have you done any other types of dance besides hip hop? Btw gonna see the show april 22! Saw some online vids and the choreography looks amazing!! Cant wait to see it!😎

  • Well I have to apologize because i did not notice your dancing much , but I did your eyes. There was something about them that intrigue me. It was my first time ever to go see a show and I had to feel your abs when you came down the stage. Thank you for the show.

  • I’m in Fresno, Ca and I recently saw you at the stripperbowl here. When will you guys be coming back to a city near here or how would I hire you for a party?

  • Caught the show Jan 9th at OHM…first male strip show for me. YOU were definitely unforgettable. I drooled over you all night. Amazing dance moves and a wicked lil grin, loved it. Do you ever stick around for the club after the show?I’d assume any position 😉 Any social media connections?

    • I’m glad you liked it. I’ve been known to stay after the show at the club if someone tickles my fancy 🙂 I’m not much in to social media, I prefer to talk and meet people in person. So if you come to the show again, arrive early and ask for me.

      • So May 6th sat night show!?? Nobody tickled your fancy?? You liked my back tattoo…you said, but I didn’t get a chance to show you the rest. And I agree with the young lady…you were absolute the best with the music..Didn’t notice your eyes much.

      • You were my favorite last night!
        Thanks for the dance on the dance floor after the show

  • I was there Nov 21st & you were by far my favorite!!! I wish I could have taken you home!! 😉 are you with anyone?!

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