Latin Lover

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A young, handsome, hot-blooded Brazilian comes out in a dazzling white suit to share a romantic toast then sweep you off your feet for an erotic adventure through the jungles of Rio.

Meet our Latin Lover stripper

Los Angeles stripper Victor
Victor Da Silva

I am proud to be Brasilian. I grab a hold of life and live every second of it at full speed. This is how I embrace my new strip act "Latin Lover". It reflects a little bit of everything that is Latin and Brasilian .. the Passionate Lover, Pop, Salsa and of course Samba. My character is not from a book or a legend. It is about me: Victor. Brasilian. American. Wild. Crazy. Fun.


Want to participate in the Latin Lover strip act?

Our latin lover strip act requires participation from 1 lucky lady who is not shy or going to feel embarrassed live on stage. This act may include suggestive dance moves, a kiss on the cheek, physical contact of a non-sexual nature, or a harmless spank. It’s all in good fun of course, but if you feel that any or all of these examples may offend you or someone in your party, please make us aware of your declination to participate in these activities if, or when asked.

This act is purchased for $50 at the front door on the evening of the show on a first come, first served basis.

Please note the latin lover strip act may not be performed every Friday or Saturday night, or include Victor as the primary latin stripper.


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Saturday shows on Aug 20, Aug 27, Sep 10, Sep 17 are at Los Globos