Yes Theory guys become male strippers

yes theory guys become male strippers

Los Angeles, CA – March 23, 2017: Last month the guys from Yes Theory were trained by The Hollywood Men how to become male strippers.

“Our show Yes Theory is about getting out of our comfort zones and this one was one of the most uncomfortable but also enjoyable experiences by far,” said Derin Emre, one of the Yes Theory guys.

Thomas, Matt and Derin had a really high bar to clear with just 2 days to learn, but the guys of Yes Theory learned fast and performed great on stage.

“We were nervous in the beginning, but none of that mattered on the stage because it was so much fun. It might be the confidence instilled in us by Scott and the Hollywood Men, or the somewhat ironic screams from the audience, but it felt awesome to make the crowd’s night if only for one song,” Derin added.

“They all displayed a positive attitude and showed great enthusiasm to learn from myself and the cast of firemen strippers Tyler, Paolo and Ricky,” said Scott Layne, founder of The Hollywood Men.

Watch the guys from Yes Theory apply their knowledge how to be firemen strippers live on stage at OHM Nightclub. This video includes behind-the-scenes footage and a rare 1992 clip of Scott stripping in front of 5,000 women in Romania.

About Yes Theory

Yes Theory are four friends from four different countries who constantly seek discomfort in order to grow. The team is based out of Los Angeles and makes a show on Brother, a Snapchat Discover channel. Snap to open.


Due to unforeseen circumstances Ohm night club has closed unexpectedly and permanently. The shows on April 19th and 20th are at PROJECT LA. All future shows will take place as scheduled but the location is yet to be determined as we are considering several venues, (all in the Hollywood area). If you have an existing reservation / ticket order, you will be notified of the location of the show on the night you’re attending as soon as it is confirmed.