Victor Da Silva

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I was born and raised in the beautiful city of Teofilo Otoni, Minas Gerais, Brazil.

I moved to the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles when I was nine. My family returned to Brazil when I was just eighteen, leaving me alone to care for myself. My rent, groceries, car payments, insurance, gas, utilities and the dental bills – all on me.

  • I went to see you with a really good friend of mine and i admier what you guys do, these world is full of steorotypes but i just did not see a great dancer but also great personality you have and amazing body but also a fun and adventures heart.

  • Victor! You are amazing. 🙂 Thank you for such a great show and lap dance last night. You definitely know how to make a girl feel sexy! Hope to see you perform again.

    The tatted Filipina who couldn’t get enough of you! 😉

  • It was great getting to see you and the rest of The Hollywood Men yesterday. Your energy is to die for, such a pleasure to be round. You really know how to make each one of us, even if for a second, feel special. I will be back because of you!😘 Hopefully I’ll be able to get my own personal dance lol.

  • Hello victor 😍 I saw you last night in Fresno CA I love your show it was awsome Eres un parásito my friend and I were loved how old are you? since Your the baby…be my baby?

  • Dear Mr. Da Silva,
    After attending your performance with my associates, we have some feedback. Trust that this comes from good faith. As human beings, we evolve and change. And being that we will be frequent attendees of your performance, we have some suggestions. Two possible song considerations are a) She Bangs by Ricky Martin and b) La Ocasión by De La Ghetto. You will find that one is slow and sensual and the other is a fun high energy melody with sexual undertones. Also, during the end of the show when individual dances are conducted the following are recommended: towel, body spray and water. A towel is recommended in that manner, you can blot yourself and make the performances comfortable for the lucky lady. Also if possible, a quick spritz of body spray is recommended. It was also noted how parched you were. Perhaps also a water bottle to your side will be very functional for your needs and will provide a brief respite as so you may continue with your dancing. Lastly, we think you should whisper to the ear a few words in Portuguese. What a better way to delight a lady with a Romance language while preforming your lap dance.

    We would like to personally thank you for your individual dancing. For it was a great testament to the male form and its functionality. The blowing on the face, hair pulling and derrière slapping are excellent touches that set your style apart from the other men. This was evidenced by your long line of ladies awaiting their dance from you. The Hollywood Men would benefit of you training the other performers. However I can understand that may conflict with your notoriety.
    Las Chicas NY

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