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I am proud to be a “So Cal Boy” as I was born and bred in Los Angeles and you can always find me running at our beautiful beaches, playing beach volleyball, surfing, swimming the ocean, or at the Santa Monica Stairs.

Sports has been my life as I played 7 years of professional baseball for the Baltimore Orioles, and 3 years of Division 1 football as a tight end with the University of Memphis. I am a book worm and love education as I earned my Bachelors Degree from UofM in Fire Science and Technology, and working towards my Masters in Spanish Linguistics With Arizona State University. I am in pursuit for my PhD to be a professor at a university.

My dream career is to be a firefighter for the Los Angeles Fire Department (LAFD) and work my way up the ranks, as I am preparing for the LAFD Fire Academy. Currently I work as a paramedic and a wild land firefighter with crew 70 based in Burbank. So yes, if you need some tender loving care then I am the man for the job!

  • Hi Tyler! I went to the show with my girlfriends on Saturday, 6/24. It was the first time for all of us and we were not disappointed at all 😉

    I have to say that you were definitely my favorite! You’re very attentive, passionate, and I could tell every lap dance you provided left an unforgettable impression on the each lady. You made them feel special, you made it about you and them as if they were the only one there with you. I’m sure the other guys were doing the same, but it felt like you were taking it a step above. I had already gone up for a lap dance, but watching you made me want to come back for more.

    Last call for lap dances came up and me and my girlfriend rushed over. We both agreed we would wait for you. I’m glad we decided to come up again to try you out. I have goosebumps remembering it. You were absolutely amazing…it was difficult to contain myself. Touching, rubbing, licking…we even exchanged a few words. You ended it with a hug.

    Next time I come back for the show, it would be amazing if we could hang out afterwards. Or I’ll just buy some lap dances 🙂

    Thank you for the memories xoxo

    PS. You’re even more awesome responding to your fans in lengthy detail. Shows how caring you are <3

  • Tyler!!!
    You were absolutely amazing Friday night! I have to admit that was my first time at a male strip show ever! Thank you for making it so memorable😍 I can’t wait to come see you again!

  • Hello Tyler!
    As you know this lifestyle is a bit crazy and hectic, has it ever been an embarrassment due to society take a judgement upon strippers.. what would you do if you can’t find the will to do this anymore, will it hurt you mentally? Is it an addiction? What are your future plans dealing with marriage or family? Hope you have the time to answer as I’m just generally really curious! Sorry if it comes out to be offensive or rude!
    Byyeee Ty!

    • Great questions and nothing was offensive or rude at all…

      The best way I can answer your Q’s is that i did not grow up a dancer, but the past several months of being in the industry has treated me so well. I have developed into a real good dancer now and have had great dancing opportunities with great companies such as with the The Hollywood Men, Magic Live in Vegas, along with other awesome dance crews. My favorite group to work with is with The Hollywood Men as I love my boss, Scott Layne, and the other dancers. Showing up to work is amazing because I get to dance with some of my best friends. Dancing and exercising is simply fun, and I love entertaining and performing in front of girls. I enjoy meeting girls at the show, and even enjoy taking girls on dates to my shows. I am not a “clubber” or bar hop often performin at nights is actually extremely convenient for me. My high in life are beach days, hikes, working out, and snowboarding. It really is exhilarating hearing hundreds of girls screaming for when you are on stage, and it is awesome knowing that every Friday and Saturday night that I will be getting paid to dance in front of hundreds and sometimes thousands of girls. There is no more figuring out what to do on the weekend anymore lol, as I love my Friday and Saturday night plans every weekend.

      This is not just a job or hobby to me, as dancing is a passion of mine and I love doing it. I am always eager to learn more choreography and dance with other great performers. I look forward to performing crew on the weekends, and other dance ventures too. Dancing has taken me to awesome locations to perform such as Alaska, Guam, and Lake Havasu…

      There are no expectations or plans with my dancing career as I am just riding the wave right now. My first priority for work is as a firefighter, as I will be a firefighter until I retire and love wearing the uniform and helping others. My fire department is all good with me dancing so I will continue to do what I love. I guess I will stop dancing when I don’t get as excited to perform at shows or if the girls stop cheering. However, I do not see any of those scenarios happening anytime soon. If a significant other wants me off the stage because of jealousy, then she can find another man because I am doing what I love. I really do not care what others think, as I do what I love with the people I love.

    • I love books that I will learn and grow, not too interested in fantasies. However, I did read the Harry Potter series and loved it! I still need to try the new Harry Potter ride at Universal Studios. I love reading books about investments, nutrition, and science. I am very curious on how things work and love the human body being being an athlete my whole life. I am currently in the middle of reading The Future of The Mind by Michio Kaku, as neuroscience fascinates me. Neurology is incredibly amazing and cannot get enough of it. It is extremely interesting how studies and research about the mind and technology are always evolving.

  • Hey Tyler ,
    I just saw you on that Buzzfeed video. I have some questions .
    1- How did you become a stripper ?
    2- How did you feel while you were performing you first stripping show ever ?
    3- Do you a fan page on facebook?

    Thanks 😉 ,

    • 1. I was recruited to dance while I was a bartender for my friend’s bachelor party. Dancing for the strippers that arrived for the party I was invited to go on a road tour the following weekend by a former Chipendales Producer who happened to be at the party. Went on the road tour for his show to New Mexico and Texas totally “cold turkey” and winging it. Loved it and had great reactions so decided to join The Hollywood Men as a server to watch and learn. Within a few weeks our boss Scott Layne put me on stage. It has been great to sharpen my craft by training from Layne and our choreographer Brooklyn. It has been an amazing experience and love being part of The Hollywood Men family! We are always making memories here at The Hollywood Men.

      2. My first show I was shockingly extremely loose and carefree as I had no expectations, I was thrown in the fire and whatever happened was meant to be. It turned out great and the audience loved my performance. I felt the nerves for the first time on my 4th show as I then had expectations and a standard after a successful first 3 shows. Now of course the nerves are gone and it is just simply fun dancing on stage!

      3. I have no FB, but I do have an IG @TylerKolodny

    • I am not flirty with gay people as I am not gay. However, I do welcome all genders, backgrounds, and ethnicity to the show as the show is for everybody! We love a diverse crowd and bringing people together to celebrate!

  • Hi Tyler! When you’re out and about doing your own thing in public, do people ever recognize you from the Hollywood Men Show? Is it awkward for you?

    • People do recognize me in public relatively frequently and it is not awkward at all. Just as it is not awkward for people who know me to see me on stage for the first time. Dancing is fun and it is always a great time entertaining! I love when people can see me off stage as they can see what I do Sunday-Thursday as well.

  • Hey Tyler,
    Describe your perfect day, how you like to impress a woman on a date,and what’s your favorite type
    of music? Just curious.


    • Hey Tonja,
      My perfect day consists of waking up at 6 AM, eating a light breakfast and then dominating a workout. Running, lifting, jumping, and sweating with a group of highly motivated people makes for great workouts. Now that the workout is crushed and accomplished, now I feel great the rest of the day. I would follow the workout by attacking the kitchen as I love cooking and eating.

      Then I would hit the books, as I love studying and love education. I am pursuing my masters, and learning my 3rd language, as I am fluent in English and Spanish I am now learning ASL. My two brothers are hard of hearing and I would love to learn how to sign. My masters will allow me to be a professor at a university, and after I attain my masters I will pursue a PhD.

      I love sports as I played college football, professional baseball, and had a full scholarship offer to play basketball at Fresno State University. Any type of games would be fun as I love competition. Playing pickup basketball, soccer, or tennis are a blast! Hiking and running the beautiful California hills and mountains are exhilarating too as I love the outdoors. However, nothing beats a beach day. Swimming in the ocean, surfing, jet skis, food from the cooler, tanning, beach soccer, beach football, ultimate frisbee, being shirtless, music, etc… Can’t beat that! That is why California is amazing, there are so many stunning beaches and incredible weather throughout the year to enjoy the beaches!

      I like my sleep and like going to bed early. My favorite nights consists of a dinner feast with friends and family, the more people the merrier! Lots of cooking, food, and leftovers:). Nothing beats a BBQ feast with your closest people. No need for an expensive restaurant, badass car, or designer clothes to have the perfect day. I cherish my relationships with my closest friends and family, and always welcome meeting new people from different backgrounds. The perfect day would also of course also consist of helping out others and/or the community. Giving back to the people of the community is the greatest feeling of all.

      My perfect date would have to be adventurous. No worrying about breaking a nail or getting a few scratches and bruises. I like getting my hands dirty, and love it when my date does too. The perfect date would be to leave at 4 AM to go snowboard at Mountain High or Big Bear to tear up the slopes, and then surf the waves in Santa Monica that afternoon. Dinner date that night would be cooking a huge dinner for 10 even though it’s just the two of us, and trying new recipes with all sorts of foods. No need for dessert as I eat clean and I will be getting plenty from my date all night long and all through the morning. Now that is the perfect date in my book.

      I love all types of music, as hip hop and R & B are my favorite in the gym and when I dance. At home hanging out and cruising in the car I love Vocal House and Country. I have my favorite musicians just like anybody else, but always love listening to new artists and listening to their voice and lyrics.
      Hope to see you at the show soon,

      • Hi Tyler, I have never been to a male review show and I noticed the advertisement for Hollywood Men. Scrolling through the pictures I noticed your picture and became curious. I don’t have any friends who are interested in Male Review and others are Married, feeling timid to come by myself. I am writing to say this YOUR reply to Tonja was so sweet and it made me want to meet you/see you dance even more. I think we would be great friend because we like the same things and are very much on the same page on family and friend, values and dating. Except I wanted to be a cop. One of these days I will come see the show and I’m hoping to meet you. Stay blessed and stay sweet and I know that hard when we live in Los Angeles.

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