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I am proud to be a “So Cal Boy” as I was born and bred in Los Angeles and you can always find me running at our beautiful beaches, playing beach volleyball, surfing, swimming the ocean, or at the Santa Monica Stairs.

Sports has been my life as I played 7 years of professional baseball for the Baltimore Orioles, and 3 years of Division 1 football as a tight end with the University of Memphis. I am a book worm and love education as I earned my Bachelors Degree from UofM in Fire Science and Technology, and working towards my Masters in Spanish Linguistics With Arizona State University. I am in pursuit for my PhD to be a professor at a university.

My dream career is to be a firefighter for the Los Angeles Fire Department (LAFD) and work my way up the ranks, as I am preparing for the LAFD Fire Academy. Currently I work as a paramedic and a wild land firefighter with crew 70 based in Burbank. So yes, if you need some tender loving care then I am the man for the job!

  • Hi Tyler. I got a lap dance from you last weekend.
    From the start of the show, there was something different about you.
    You were different from other guys in terms of being more sensual.
    I remember talking to you during the lap dance and you rightly guessed it was my first time.
    I just love your smile and I am not able to get you out of my head. I wish you would take me out on a date.

    • Yes it was great having you and your friends at the show. We love celebrating fun events with amazing ladies like yourself! Your friends are amazing too! Thank you for attending our show and looking forward to see you soon.

  • Hi Tyler!
    Your great smile and dance moves define you at the show 🙂 You definitely stood out because of that. I hope you find your girl next door one day if you havent already. My friends and I enjoyed your guys’ show very much. Congrats on the Magic Mike show! 🙂 Hopefully my friends and I can go see it too. Also, say hi to Jair from us….he was our waiter and surprisingly was on the show too. He was very nice to us nerdy girls. lol.

  • Tyler is a sweetheart, I got to sit on his lap in the group photo. Amazing dancer, great personality and a smile that just makes you wanna melt. I wanted to take him home with me 😏 I liked him the best..definitely going back for my birthday, I just hope he’ll be there for me to see him again in December

  • Tyler is so sweet and has a great smile . He was so nice and met with us at the end of the show. He is very engaged in his performance and authentic . Very personable and not fake and super nice in person !

  • Wow tyler…eres una persona muy sencilla.. Nunca cambies. Tienes una personalidad hermosa… Tu fan #1 … Algun dia yo sere tu date!😀

  • Hi Tyler! I went to the show with my girlfriends on Saturday, 6/24. It was the first time for all of us and we were not disappointed at all 😉

    I have to say that you were definitely my favorite! You’re very attentive, passionate, and I could tell every lap dance you provided left an unforgettable impression on the each lady. You made them feel special, you made it about you and them as if they were the only one there with you. I’m sure the other guys were doing the same, but it felt like you were taking it a step above. I had already gone up for a lap dance, but watching you made me want to come back for more.

    Last call for lap dances came up and me and my girlfriend rushed over. We both agreed we would wait for you. I’m glad we decided to come up again to try you out. I have goosebumps remembering it. You were absolutely amazing…it was difficult to contain myself. Touching, rubbing, licking…we even exchanged a few words. You ended it with a hug.

    Next time I come back for the show, it would be amazing if we could hang out afterwards. Or I’ll just buy some lap dances 🙂

    Thank you for the memories xoxo

    PS. You’re even more awesome responding to your fans in lengthy detail. Shows how caring you are <3

  • Tyler!!!
    You were absolutely amazing Friday night! I have to admit that was my first time at a male strip show ever! Thank you for making it so memorable😍 I can’t wait to come see you again!

  • Hello Tyler!
    As you know this lifestyle is a bit crazy and hectic, has it ever been an embarrassment due to society take a judgement upon strippers.. what would you do if you can’t find the will to do this anymore, will it hurt you mentally? Is it an addiction? What are your future plans dealing with marriage or family? Hope you have the time to answer as I’m just generally really curious! Sorry if it comes out to be offensive or rude!
    Byyeee Ty!

    • Great questions and nothing was offensive or rude at all…

      The best way I can answer your Q’s is that i did not grow up a dancer, but the past several months of being in the industry has treated me so well. I have developed into a real good dancer now and have had great dancing opportunities with great companies such as with the The Hollywood Men, Magic Live in Vegas, along with other awesome dance crews. My favorite group to work with is with The Hollywood Men as I love my boss, Scott Layne, and the other dancers. Showing up to work is amazing because I get to dance with some of my best friends. Dancing and exercising is simply fun, and I love entertaining and performing in front of girls. I enjoy meeting girls at the show, and even enjoy taking girls on dates to my shows. I am not a “clubber” or bar hop often performin at nights is actually extremely convenient for me. My high in life are beach days, hikes, working out, and snowboarding. It really is exhilarating hearing hundreds of girls screaming for when you are on stage, and it is awesome knowing that every Friday and Saturday night that I will be getting paid to dance in front of hundreds and sometimes thousands of girls. There is no more figuring out what to do on the weekend anymore lol, as I love my Friday and Saturday night plans every weekend.

      This is not just a job or hobby to me, as dancing is a passion of mine and I love doing it. I am always eager to learn more choreography and dance with other great performers. I look forward to performing crew on the weekends, and other dance ventures too. Dancing has taken me to awesome locations to perform such as Alaska, Guam, and Lake Havasu…

      There are no expectations or plans with my dancing career as I am just riding the wave right now. My first priority for work is as a firefighter, as I will be a firefighter until I retire and love wearing the uniform and helping others. My fire department is all good with me dancing so I will continue to do what I love. I guess I will stop dancing when I don’t get as excited to perform at shows or if the girls stop cheering. However, I do not see any of those scenarios happening anytime soon. If a significant other wants me off the stage because of jealousy, then she can find another man because I am doing what I love. I really do not care what others think, as I do what I love with the people I love.

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