Sarge Logan

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I’m Sarge Logan … 6′2″ and 195 pounds of pure lean muscles.

I’m originally from Saint Louis, Missouri. At 17, I was playing college football as a linebacker.

As far as I can remember, I’ve always been into sports, fitness, even modelling. Being and eating healthy is very important in my eyes.

  • Hey Sarge-her name is Keidra have her birthday February 18th (2 weeks away of turning 41 which is not old) she like to know what the best advice you say to her? How you like in Los Angeles, is there for me to send you a letter?

    • Hello Miss Keidra and happy birthday in advance. The guys are receiving the mail you’ve been sending so if you want to send anything to any of the cast members, continue using the club address as before.
      Take care,
      Scott Layne

  • For many years, I have had a slogan when sizing up handsome men. The slogan is: Is he as handsome and sexy as Sarge Logan!

    You Are:



    Hope to see even more of you in the future!

  • Thank you Sarge. You are amazing! I need to ask what may seem like a silly question. What scent do you use? The lovely aroma transferred to my clothing. I really want to buy that cologne/oil for my husband.

  • Sarge,

    When it comes to sizing up handsome men–
    We have a Slogan–
    Is he as handsome and sexy as Gorgeous Sarge Logan!!

    You, Sir, help many women get their Groove–
    For, you really know how to Move!

    You are charming with a delightful sense of Naughty–
    And, you have a handsome face and a beautiful Body!

    And, Thank God, You are not a Prude–
    For, you are so comfortable in the NUDE!

    You, Sarge, are a Blessing Upon US–
    For, You are an Earthly ADONIS!!

    Thank you, Sarge!!

    P.S. Your Christian Grey Routine is as sexy, classy, and hot as Your Officer and a Gentleman Gig!

  • Thank you Sarge for making my night. I really loved you as Christian Gray although it took me a minute to figure out your name was Sarge. Definitely a memorable night. My friends and I are going to make this our monthly tradition. What can I say… Wow!! Those dance moves. Those eyes. Thanks for giving my friends and I an awesome time

    • I’ll approve your comment and make Sarge aware of it but all requests for private parties must go through the reservation office. The number is (818) 669-6702

  • Hi Sarge. This is Valerie’s Mother Ann. Last visit was 2005 for a divorce celebration. Loved u then, and u still look great! Your gorgeous smile is still there, and exactly the same. I left LA in 1992. I wanted to bring you home then, & I still do! U were always so great with the older women, when some of the others were not at all at the time. I guess Valerie, Dawn, & their group came a lot. Valerie said she was coming again in a few weeks. Wish I was there. I think of u often when you probably do not even know who we are! lol U didn’t make us feel like it was about the money, so I was surprised to hear you saying so much about the money on the talk show. Do u have a girlfriend or wife? Hope life has been good to you. I always felt like a friend. Still disappointed they would not let you bring me on stage in 05. Don’t remember who it was that didd. The kids set that up! Do u have a private act on FB or anywhere? Hope u get this. You’re still THE BEST in my book. I never left wanting to sleep with someone else. I didn’t drink either. Ann

  • Hey,
    Loved seeing you on stage in your new (steaming..) 50 Shades Act,,,,loved the white uniform…but you as Christian Grey is a MUST SEE!…was an unanimous decision within my group of girls…WE can NOT get enough of in you in the SEXIEST part of our night:)……you are by far the crowd’s favorite….the hottest…and sweetest…we can’t wait to bring our friends…..
    …thank you for making our we will NEVER forget!….and we def will battle it out for who gets to be with you on stage with you…take control over me anytime you like….def next time…..see you then…XX…Stay Amazing!

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