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Hi, I’m Paolo, born and raised in Detroit, Michigan.

I’m an American and half Italian. I’m 6’1″ at a lean 195 lbs. with Hazel Eyes.

I made my debut with The Hollywood Men on February 6, 2016. I’m the lead Construction Worker. I also portray a Fireman.

  • Hello!
    my friends organized a trip to see you guys! i was happy to see that every guy was respectful. I enjoyed the night and thank you Paolo for the personal dance….it was my first time doing that and didnt know what to do. lol. you were nice to show me 😉 You have a great physique.

  • Hi Paolo
    I went to OHM night club on Saturday That was my first time going there. I loved your show. You are the cutest, handsome, humble guy from all of them. You were amazing and definitely my favorite. Thanks for dancing with me so nice of you.

  • You were amazing this past Saturday! So talented and did an excellent job. Every one of you did. I had such an amazing time. It was my first time doing anything like that and it was so worth it. Thank you guys!

  • Hello Paolo.

    I hope you remember me … ??? I talked to you yesterday, I was a little daring and I asked the address of the place since my friend and I were looking for a place of those, I can tell what time your show is for this Friday … ??? For this comment provide my mail there you could answer me ok thanks.

    • How could I forget Elizabeth. We perform Friday and Saturday nights at Ohm Nightclub. The address is 6801 Hollywood Blvd, on the 4th floor. Show starts at 8:30 on Fridays and 8 on Saturdays, doors open one hour prior to showtime on both nights. Hope to see you at the show,

      • Hi Paolo

        If we do not go this friday it will be Saturday next week because I think it will be my friend’s work this weekend…I hope you still remember me to tell you if I like the show haha…thank you very much for the information…😊

          • Hello paolo …

            I am Elizabeth I think you remember me .. ?? My friend and I will go this Saturday to see the show … we can grab the tickets there or online we want in front … ??? Yes, can you tell me please … ??? Thank you

          • Hey Elizabeth,
            Saturday is the 22 Year Anniversary show and I think VIP and Preferred are already sold out. Make a reservation through the website and I’m sure you’ll be replied to with options on pre-purchasing tickets or paying cash at the door.
            See you there,

  • You are:


    You, Paolo, are an Adonis! An Italian Stallion!

    Hope to see much more of you in the future!

  • Hi there Paolo.

    My twin sister and I will be attending our first show December 9 this year. We’d love to see you there and get a dance from you on stage! Please let me know!

  • I was very hesitant about letting my sister throw a bachelorette party because this is not something I would ever do…. Seeing men dance and take their clothes off doesn’t really get my attention or get me excited….. I gotta say that my perspective on men dancing and taking off their clothes has changed. I actually enjoy it very much, it was entertaining and very well organized. Love the shows but I gotta say my favorite was Paolo’s construction act…. I am really happy I let my sister take me to Hollywood Men it was fun and something out my comfort zone but I had such a great night. A special thanks to Paolo for making my bachelorette party awesome! He was the Cherry on top 😉

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Tonight's show is at Project LAInfo
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