Mario Ortiz

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My name is Mario Ortiz. I just recently moved back to Los Angeles from Italy where I lived for 10 years.

My ethnicity is American Indian, Spanish and Mexican. I’m originally from New Mexico.

I consider myself a gypsy entertainer as I’ve lived in many different countries.

  • Hi Mario: I remember buying the Hollywood Men video many years ago. There was a scene where you are wearing a thong and you bend over and your ass is on full display in a close up. I must have played that ass shot over and over about 10 times. At the time I thought it was the most perfect butt I’d ever seen! Ha ha!

  • What a great night! You left me speechless with the lap dance. Saw you again before leaving for the night as the last group pic and got a goodbye hug. Such a sweet guy. Hope to come by again all you guys work so hard to please the ladies..thank you 😘

  • Hey MARIO!
    Seen your video with the try guys from YouTube and omg you’re sexy!!
    Heaps of love from Australia 😍😍

  • Just curious… Of all the different countries you’ve performed in, which would you say was the most wild?
    I was in the USAF from 91-96 and while deployed to England I had the opportunity to go to a strip show. The only thing I had ever been to before that was Chippendales so I thought it would be the same type of thing. I was shocked at how crazy the dancers got there. They got completely nude and did filthy things with audience members. A girl celebrating her bachelorette party in particular. It was a good show. The best part was that I was so shocked at some of the numbers all I could do was laugh hysterically. My stomach hurt for days. Have you ever experienced a show out of the country like what I saw? The ultimate in entertainment!
    I’ve never seen your group as I live on the east coast but keep up the good work. Men who are confident enough to do what you all do are the sexiest of all!

  • Amazing energy on stage great personality to go with his good looks another must see when you go he’s awesome.

  • OMG Mario!!!! Damn! What a night last night!! I so wanted to take you so home…….so hot! I was the one who sat in the back booth and also got on stage with you….mmmmmmmm

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Tonight's show is at Project LAInfo
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