Mario Ortiz

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My name is Mario Ortiz. I just recently moved back to Los Angeles from Italy where I lived for 10 years.

My ethnicity is American Indian, Spanish and Mexican. I’m originally from New Mexico.

I consider myself a gypsy entertainer as I’ve lived in many different countries.

  • Mario June 2, 2018 my friends took me to see The Hollywood Men for my Bachelorette party and one of my friends purchased “The Cowboy” package it was amazingly wonderfully a very sexy package and I have to say that I totally enjoyed it! At the beginning of the show Scott says something about being a Bachelorette and how all of you men were there to change our minds. When we women got to mingle with all of you guys after the show I had told you that my mind could easily be changed and asked you if you would like to have a meaniles affair with an older not married woman yet? My friends and I had a fabulous very entertaining time, even my friends who are not really into that sort of show did enjoy the dancing. All of you guys are very talented dancers and I can appreciate good dancers. Thank you for showing us all a great time and if you ever want to take me up on the meaniles affair only now it would be with an older married woman just let me know. Lol! Seriously you guys are all great and have exceptional talent! I was in complete and total awe thru the whole show. I’m hoping to get a few friends together and cruise up to see the show again with any luck for my birthday in Sept. Take care and keep on dancing!

  • Hi Mario: I remember buying the Hollywood Men video many years ago. There was a scene where you are wearing a thong and you bend over and your ass is on full display in a close up. I must have played that ass shot over and over about 10 times. At the time I thought it was the most perfect butt I’d ever seen! Ha ha!

  • What a great night! You left me speechless with the lap dance. Saw you again before leaving for the night as the last group pic and got a goodbye hug. Such a sweet guy. Hope to come by again all you guys work so hard to please the ladies..thank you 😘

  • Hey MARIO!
    Seen your video with the try guys from YouTube and omg you’re sexy!!
    Heaps of love from Australia 😍😍

  • Just curious… Of all the different countries you’ve performed in, which would you say was the most wild?
    I was in the USAF from 91-96 and while deployed to England I had the opportunity to go to a strip show. The only thing I had ever been to before that was Chippendales so I thought it would be the same type of thing. I was shocked at how crazy the dancers got there. They got completely nude and did filthy things with audience members. A girl celebrating her bachelorette party in particular. It was a good show. The best part was that I was so shocked at some of the numbers all I could do was laugh hysterically. My stomach hurt for days. Have you ever experienced a show out of the country like what I saw? The ultimate in entertainment!
    I’ve never seen your group as I live on the east coast but keep up the good work. Men who are confident enough to do what you all do are the sexiest of all!

  • Amazing energy on stage great personality to go with his good looks another must see when you go he’s awesome.

  • OMG Mario!!!! Damn! What a night last night!! I so wanted to take you so home…….so hot! I was the one who sat in the back booth and also got on stage with you….mmmmmmmm

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