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Rated 4 out of 5 based on 46 reviews.
  • 5 / 5

    This was my first time visiting a strip club so it’s safe to say I didn’t know what to expect exactly, other than a hot show. I was greeted by a charming bouncer at the front, and then a lovely hostess who were both informed of my arrival (I came later than my group). I was soon seated with my friends for a bachelorette party and chatted with our host/server. (Jameson, you were awesome! You kept wiping my friend’s chin from drool lol!) Ladies, all men are shirtless here. Performers AND your servers! 

    The show, itself, consisted of such talent, enthusiasm, and GOOD LOOKING men! Anyone can take off their clothes, but it takes REAL skill to make a show of it! 

    Okay to be honest though, I can’t tell you anything  too different/new from other reviewers, regarding the performance itself. However, I can share with you my thoughts on the details that go beyond the show.

    Knowing that this was a provocative show, I was COMPLETELY surprised by how polite all of the men were! Etiquette and maintaining social conduct will always stay in style ANYWHERE you go, no matter WHAT you do. After spending hot sessions with some of the performers, they each bent over to lower themselves next to my ear to hug and thank me. Every single one of them. Sweetest thing ever actually (never change that, guys!).

    The restrooms were EXTREMELY clean. I’m always afraid of using public restrooms because I have to account for foul odor. Nothing is a worse turn off than bad smells! Nope, this place is as clean as a whistle! They had their own attendant too! AND CANDY IN JARS!! What?!! You guys are so fun here haha! You’ve thought of everything!

    To maintain an amazing show/ business, you have to credit management for taking care of the logistics. I contacted Hollywood Men after my visit to share my opinions and concerns with them, not knowing I would be talking to one of the owners himself! Scott is one heck of a PROFESSIONAL man! I remember seeing him that night as the MC as well! He has charisma, stage presence, and he knows exactly how to hype up a crowd (it helps that he’s quite looking too!). Only a handful of people can understand what others need and can actually provide that for them. 

    He emailed me back promptly and thanked me for my honest comments. He then encouraged me to share my review publicly so others can see it as well. So thank you Scott, and your co-owner, for running a tight ship to ensure a quality performance. Your work hasn’t gone unnoticed. I expect nothing less from one of LA’s top strip clubs. 

    LADIES, you can visit any other strip club who might have just as hot, talented men, but the truth is that The Hollywood Men will be the ones who can REALLY take care of you. 

    • Wow Vivian,
      I’m blushing from all of your kind words. Reading comments like these make all of the effort worthwhile. Thanks for posting your review on multiple platforms, it will help other ladies find us when planning their own events. Hope to see you again soon and please ask for me so I can meet and thank you in person.
      Scott Layne

  • 5 / 5

    Hollywood Men it is always a privilege to encounter so many wonderful nights of fun and excitement with my ladies. Each time I go whether it’s for a Bachelorette party, birthday, divorce party and/or just because you all never cease to amaze me. As for the slideshows and pictures I wish that they would get updated and add in more to them. The show is great, you have some amazing waiters Sky, Jameson and Ray to be the three we always ask for. As for your dancers you have some very respectful and amazing individuals up there that go above and beyond to make a girls night beyond words. Dave & Victor you guys rock! Oh and I’m a #teamregular I love you guys! Xoxo till next time

  • 5 / 5

    I’d decided to go big this year for my birthday, so our group of 13 of:(klazzieeSExXYnFunMoms) got the party bus! Party our way to OHM. When we got inside the club, that’s when we all got loose, let our hair down and enjoyed the shows. The men’s all AWesome, with the bod and moves. Yummieeeee delicious lookin. We had a great…”fantastic nite.” 4/9/16 Thank you Scott. *-)

    Recently some of us (klazzieeSExXYnFunMoms) went back again on 8/6/16. But this time we were able to make it 10 minutes towards the shows over! But we already let our hair down at the door. Even though we had only 10 minutes of the shows over, but we all felt that we been there from the beginning of the shows. Our klazzieeSExXYnFunMoms had a blast nite. Again “Scott,” thank you and your men for giving us the unforgettable nite.
    We as klazzieeSExXYnFunMoms we will be back soon.

    So ladies if you’re single, married or divorce and looking to let loose. This is the place OHM, to let your hair down!!
    For my girls and I, we all have decided that OHM will be our place to let our hair down.

    Thank you again Scott…
    Love klazzieeSExXYnFunMoms

  • 5 / 5

    Last night was my 3rd time attending the show and I must say every time gets better and better. I feel like a regular now! The waiters are beyond gorgeous and so attentive to anything you need. They are always ready to serve. My favorite being Jair! He is just the best. I was lucky enough to see him dance in the show last night which was such a treat! The show itself is so fun and worth every dollar 😉 the performers are electric and definitely leave you feeling flawless. can’t wait to go again!!

    • Jen,
      Thanks for coming back time and again. The more ladies come, the happier I get, LOL
      Ask for me next time so I can buy you a drink and make sure you have the best seats available.

  • 5 / 5

    90 years of birthday celebrations and this is one I will not forget. I wish I could take all the men home with me. Thank you Scott and the rest of the cast and crew for an incredible birthday. All the guys were super nice and made me feel very special. They were all classy and professional. I appreciate everything they did. Scott was especially fabulous and reminded me of one of my favorite actors James Garner. Thank you. A night I will not forget! Xxoo DivaDi

    • Diana,
      I’m glad you had a wonderful time at the show. I hear you want to celebrate your 100th birthday at Hollywood Men. That’s awesome, now I’ll get to see you nine more times beforehand. I watched a lot of Rockford Files growing up and always found James Garner to be one of the most charming people so I take that as a great complement. Thanks again for allowing me to share in your birthday celebration.
      See you next year, (or sooner if you are so inclined)
      Scott Layne

  • 5 / 5

    Went to the show for my bday and I must say it was the best birthday EVER! The staff is hot, attentive, and just the right amount of professional. The men are absolutely gorgeous, especially Mr Ricky 😉 all my girl’s had a great time as well. The venue is very nice, the view is great, and it turns into a fun club after! I would definitely go back for future celebrations!

    • Gillian,
      I had lots of fun spoiling you and I’m sure Ricky did as well, (stunning dress by the way!). Hope to see you again soon.

  • 5 / 5

    My first time going and i love it, its a wonderful show the girls were very happy and ready to go back the guys r woooooow specially the one frm brazil, and the waitress super cute and nice special thanks to yahir i hope i gotta it right even thought he was not our waitress cause ours just charge us for our drinks and he never show up again he didnt even pay attention to us thats the only thing that really bothers me and his name is gailyn. But besides that i love it really recomended girls.u r going to fall in love with all this cute guys.

    • Fabiola,
      Glad you and your friends had a good time at the show. Glad Jair was able to serve you well but we don’t have any waiters named Gailyn. There is a female bartender by that name so maybe you were reading it off of the receipt? Hope to see you in the audience again sometime soon.
      Thanks again for attending the show,
      Scott Layne

  • 5 / 5

    So me and 3 of my friends went to last night’s show. It was the 2nd time for me and another but the first time for the other two. The newbies or (virgins as you would call them lol,) they loved the show, a little shy at first but wow the guys really got them out of their shell by the 3rd or 4th act. As for myself is it’s possible which it is, I loved the show so much more this second time around than the first time I came which was just last month. And the first time was beyond amazing because we had front row center seats , the guys’ sweat practically would fall on us lol. But this time our reserved seats were at the VIP booths. At first I was a little sad I wasn’t close to the stage but soon discovered I had the best seats ever. Our waiter was really great , very attentive to us all, all acts were performed on point by the men, very well done and the vibe was booming. 5 out of 5 stars I give the show 10 stars! Can’t wait to see you all in a few days performing in Lancaster. I’m all ready!

  • 5 / 5

    I went to The Hollywood Men show on Friday, March 25th. It was so hot and magnificient with the strippers’ muscles and sexual acts!

    Victor was my favorite! I think I am being captivated by his smile, but because of the schedule, he did not have enough time to come to my table after his performance. That’s the only disappointment that I felt.

    Also, there was one hottest waiter that gave me a lap dance. He’s from Brazil, but I did not get to know his name. He has tan skin with big chest and muscular body. Can someone tell me his name and his social network, please! I tipped him and had a chance to go deep into his jeans… Wish that I were going deeper, or he had worn only a boxer.

    I hope for a chance to come back

    • Evelyn,
      The waiter you’re referring to is Jair and he’s working at every show. Next time you come back, make sure you request him in advance so I can arrange for him to be your server.

  • 5 / 5

    The Hollywood Men was by far the best male revue show I have ever been to! I have been to Las Vegas’ Thunder from Down Under and The Hollywood Men was by far the best!! The excellent service started when I emailed Scott Layne, who is the host of the show, some questions regarding the show. He emailed me back very quickly and was able to answer all my questions. When I bought my tickets I also put in a request for reserved seating; best thing ever!! When I wasn’t sure if I did it right, I emailed Scott and within hours he assured me that my friends and I had our reserved seating and to let him know if we needed anything else. When we arrived to the show at Ohm nightclub in Hollywood, we were amazed with the venue right off the bat. The seating arrangement is perfect for everyone; perfect views everywhere 😉 The show was amazing. Not only are the guys good looking, but their dance routines are also on point. The waiters, more like sexy waiters, interact with the crowd from the very beginning. Our waiter, JR (not quite sure if I spelt it right) was very attentive to us and treated us like Queens. Scott, who was the ehmcee that night really made the audience get hyped for the guys. I really wished the show didn’t have to end but unfortunately all good things must come to an end. I will most definitely be back soon but it won’t be for a bachelorette party. It will be for a girl’s night out because we live so close and can see these guys whenever we want!! I am so glad that all my girl friends and I came to this show because we were able to have an amazing night and be free! I highly recommend this show to anyone who wants to have a wild night! I love The Hollywood Men!!

    • Jordan, Wow, thanks for all the wonderful comments, it certainly makes my day to hear these types of complements not only about myself but about my staff as well. At Hollywood Men, we always strive to provide a safe and fun environment for ladies to feel special for a few hours. I would love to meet you next time you come to the show so please let me know in advance when you reserve or buy tickets. I can only hope you’re a Yelper as well. Comments like yours help other ladies make their choice on where to celebrate their own events and I appreciate your help in getting the word out. If you would like to attend our 21-year anniversary show at the end of January, (exact date not determined yet), I would love to have you as my guest. Have a wonderful Holiday, Scott Layne

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