Daily Hot Guy gets all hot about our Men

Daily Hot Guy review of The Hollywood Men

reprinted from Daily Hot Guy on June 4, 2013

The Hollywood Men: GO! GO! GO!

Being a bridesmaid is rough. You have to plan the showers, organize large groups of woman who don’t want to be corralled, and create an amazing and fun night of debauchery known as the bachelorette party. “No pressure, it just needs to be the most fun I have ever had in my whole life. Oh, and there should be strippers.” Crap.

We have all been to the party where the guy with the boom box shows up and he looks like a poor man’s Sean Penn on quaaludes with a hairy butt and a strange Denny’s omelet smell hovering around him. It stinks, you feel yucky, and the idea makes you slightly queasy…

Well, ladies, have I got a solution for you.

Rent a car, throw on some feather boas and head over to The Hollywood Men. The club is lovely, the gentlemen running the joint are clean and respectable, and the dancers are GORGEOUS. Look, I’m a picky one, and I seriously almost kidnapped one on the way out the door (Marcus, call me anytime).

You’ll be seated at a long table with your party, and served delightful cocktails by stunningly handsome men with no shirts on who somehow smell like clean laundry. If you are lucky (and wave money at them) you may even secure yourself a little pre-show. Win!

Seen Magic Mike? Well these are the gents they studied in preparation. That’s right, you could be sitting in the chair Channing was rehearsing his lap dances on…close your eyes and take a moment if you need to.

Once the show begins you’ll quickly forget you have friends, and possibly even your name. If you are me, and you are working, you will constantly remind yourself to take photos and notes instead of writing love letters on the table cloth and flirting with the waiter. The race from composed to obsessed takes about 7.5 seconds, and I wasn’t even drinking. So come prepared to scream and clap like a lunatic, and prepare your friends in advance–this is not a polite evening of tea and crumpets. You will have thoughts you didn’t know you were capable of, and they all somehow come out of your mouth as “WOOOOOOO! Take it off!” Who said that?

Here’s a tip: wear pants or shorts. Every time a woman got on stage in a mini skirt and spent her entire 3 minutes in saucy heaven worrying that the audience could see her undies, I felt sad for her. “There is a half naked police officer with an 8 pack and shoulders worth eating grinding on you–who gives a rat’s ass if a bunch of strange women can see your panties! Lick his face!” Save yourself the pain and plan your outfit accordingly.

By the end of the evening you will be checking your calendar and planning your return visit–after all, you didn’t get a chance to fully seduce your favorite dancer (Marcus) because he was surrounded by screaming harlots, so you’ll have to return when he can place more attention on you (ha ha good luck).

Visit The Hollywood Men EVERY Friday and Saturday! Go! Go! Go!