Project LA Drink Menu

Thirsty? The following drink menu is available during The Hollywood Men performance at Project LA.

Non-Alcoholic Drinks

$4... Soda or Bottled Water
$5... Red Bull

Alcoholic Drinks

$12... Wine by the glass
$15... Champagne by the glass
$ 7... 12 oz. Domestic
$ 7... 12 oz. Import Beers
$13... Well Drinks
$15... Call Drinks
$16... Premium Drinks
$15... Hennessey
$15... Specialty Drinks
$ 2... upcharge Red Bull bump

Bottle Service

All bottles include tax and gratuity.

$250... 750ml premium vodka (Ciroc)
$300... 1L Tito's Vodka
$350... 1L premium vodka

A 20% service charge will be added to all Credit card orders and tabs over $35. If your waiter provides exceptional service and you wish to tip more, feel free but it is at your discretion.

We suggest you always check your receipt to make sure you receive what you ordered. If a receipt is not offered by your server, please notify management immediately.

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