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Scott Layne interview

reprinted from JC Online Magazine on March 12, 2010

In the spotlight

President and Founder of one of the most successful entertainment businesses around the globe Scott Layne is making millions of women around the world excited, hot, and aroused by some sensual and seductive dancing with the help of some very talented and sexy male exotic dancers of The Hollywood Men Inc.

The Playgirl’s 1998 Man of the Year is also a devoted and loving family man who always makes time to spend with his family.

In this recent interview with the entertainment businessman, Scott takes our Webzine into his world. Here is what developed in this spotlight.

Isaac: Hi Scott, I want to wish you a Happy New Year. Now that 2009 has ended and we are well into the New Year what can you tell our readers what you are most thankful for in 2009.

Scott: First, my health, second, my beautiful family, third, a thriving business that continues to support my dreams.

Isaac: Elaborate a little about your upbringing and what made you decide to start modeling?

Scott: I left the Air Force Academy in 1980, when my parents divorced and moved with my Mom to the suburbs of Detroit. I decided to get into modeling there.

Isaac: You maintain a very healthy lifestyle. How important is being healthy is to you? What are some of the things that you do in order to stay healthy and fit?

Scott: I eat healthy food and stay active. I ride my motorcycle to the gym daily and try to hit every body part heavy once a week and mix that with cardio.

Isaac: You were named Playgirl’s 1998 Man of the Year. Describe how you first were approached to appear in Playgirl and what did it mean to you to be named Playgirl’s 1998 Man of the Year.

Scott: Our show was approached to appear in Playgirl and I saw it as a good business opportunity to gain exposure for the Hollywood Men. No one wanted to go nude so I sent them a picture of myself in a waterfall in some wet and very revealing briefs in hopes they would be willing to do something similar instead of requiring full nudity. Not only did they decline the idea, they decided they wanted the guy in the waterfall for the centerfold. After extensive talks with my wife, agent, and various family members, I decided to do it and ended up winning man of the year in 1998, which was kind of a thrill.

Isaac: Were you nervous appearing in Playgirl and what type of responses did you receive from your family and friends?

Scott: Surprisingly, My Dad was supportive of the business move and my Mom was dead against it. I expected the opposite reactions. I was a little nervous but had a good female photographer that was patient enough to allow me to make sure I was in the “proper state”. I didn’t want any pictures with an erection, which would have been too personal. I think that a big part of winning MOY came from my decision to by my own stylist. I told them I would only do the spread if I could do it “classy” in a suit and not some “studboy outfit”. I think the voters responded well to that. In fact, if was after my spread that Playgirl decided to go with a new, female friendlier format.

Isaac: What was the craziest email you received from a fan after you appeared in Playgirl?

Scott: It was from some dude wanting to buy my underwear…I declined, once again, too personal.

Isaac: That is just plain weird.

Isaac: You are the President and founder of The Hollywood Men Inc. Elaborate a little about this company for those of our readers who are not familiar with it.

Scott: The Hollywood Men is a collection of the best male exotic entertainers in the business. It’s the best and only full production male exotic show for ladies in Southern California. We perform Friday nights at Supperclub and Saturday nights at OHM Nightclub in Hollywood, Ca.

Isaac: What made you decide that you wanted to start The Hollywood Men Inc?

Scott: I’ve been involved in the male exotic dance industry since 1980 and worked with Chippendales from 1983 to 1995. I figured that the best way to have longevity in the business was to own my own show and started Hollywood Men in 1995 with my business partner Dan.

Isaac: As President and Founder of your company, you stay quite busy. Expound a little on a typical day for the CEO and Founder of The Hollywood Men Inc.

Scott: Well, my first priority is my immediate family and duties so each day I get up and get my Son to school and my wife to work. Then, I feed the many pets that we have and straighten up the house, eat my breakfast, workout, then head to my home office to plan the business portion of my day. The duties of the show include setting rehearsals, building props and designing new content for the show. There are a lot of clerical chores like payroll, tip reporting, workers comp premiums, checking e-mail, placing ads and radio spots, posting blogs and making website changes, designing printed promotional materials, etc. Also, costume acquisitions, laundry, running orders, merchandise replenishment and of course, going to the show and becoming the emcee, (retired from dance in 2005 following a “stern recommendation” from my second wife).

Isaac: You have also had a successful run with your acting. Name one of your favorite projects you have worked on and why?

Scott: I always liked playing the bad guy, (guest starring roles in Pacific Blue, Silk Stalking, Diagnosis Murder, and Sunset Beach). My favorite role though was playing a male strip club owner on The Bold and the Beautiful since it wasn’t a stretch playing myself and I could just have fun.

Isaac: Do you want to pursue future acting roles? If so, what would be the next role that you would want to tackle and why?

Scott: I was actually thinking of getting back into it. I played my reel for some friends who wanted to see it and it sparked an interest. I think now that I’ve outgrown the pretty boy phase, (not that I ever was one), I can get into some fun, “bad guy type”, character roles.

Isaac: What is the one aspect about dancing and performing live in front of tons of women that you enjoy the most?

Scott: Are you kidding me? What’s not to like about women going crazy for your every move. The only thing I didn’t like was having to stop.

Isaac: Ultimately, what is your overall goal that you want to achieve in the entertainment industry?

Scott: We have shot a high definition pilot for a reality show based on the show. I would love to see that get picked up and co-produce the show.

Isaac: What are some other projects that you are currently working on that you would like to let our readers know about?

Scott: With all the demands of my personal life and the Hollywood Men, it’s really hard to have anything else slated. I’d actually love to have the time to clean out my house and have a yard sale, LOL.

Isaac: How can fans access more information about you and The Hollywood Men Inc. online?

Scott: Anyone wanting to find out about the Hollywood Men can visit

Isaac: In ten years …

Scott: …I’m hoping to be holding my Daughter’s child while attending my Son’s College sporting event with my beautiful wife by my side.


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