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The participant will be handcuffed and brought on stage, placed on their knees (on a pillow), and sacrificed to our resident vampire.

Meet our Vampire stripper

Los Angeles stripper Andre

My Vampire character is both dark and charming. Mystery and passion are those traits that define me as a person. It's the perfect combination for females who fantasize about a mysterious prince that uses his hypnotic powers to enchant her for eternity.


Want to participate in the Vampire strip act?

Our vampire strip act requires participation from 1 lucky lady who is not shy about being handcuffed or feel embarrassed live on stage. This act may include suggestive dance moves, a kiss on the cheek, physical contact of a non-sexual nature, or a harmless spank. It’s all in good fun of course, but if you feel that any or all of these examples may offend you or someone in your party, please make us aware of your declination to participate in these activities if, or when asked.

This act is purchased for $50 at the front door on the evening of the show on a first come, first served basis.

Please note the vampire strip act may not be performed every Friday or Saturday night, or include Andre as the primary vampire stripper.


Rated 4 out of 5 based on 5 reviews.
  • 5 / 5

    Tyler stole the show! Big Twilight fan, and he lived some of my fantasies on stage with his whips and chains. I highly recommend go see Tyler dance and take his clothes off, incredible body!

  • 5 / 5

    Went this past weekend and saw Tyler’s debut as vampire… SEXY SEXY SEXY. My group and i had to get lap dances from him, best lap dance ever:). He’s super hot go see him, great dancer!

    • Lauren and Sona,
      Glad to hear you approve of our newest discovery. Tyler has taken over the Vampire routine while Andre is in Italy attending to a family matter. This was so sudden, we haven’t even had time to update photos and since we don’t know when Andre will return, ladies will just have to come to the show and see Tyler for themselves. One thing is for sure, we have discovered a STAR and Tyler will be a permanent fixture in the Hollywood Men family, no matter which fantasy figure he is portraying!

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