The Matrix

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In this fully choreographed strip dance presentation of The Matrix, our newest heart throb, David Rogers, portrays Neo. The stage lights up with lasers and film clips as Neo fights two other strippers portraying Agents. After he defeats them, Neo strips away his black clothes for the audience to decide, “Is he the Chosen One?

Meet Neo, the chosen one

Los Angeles stripper David Rogers
David Rogers

I love portraying Neo from The Matrix, the 1st main act of the show. Black pants, black boots, black shirt, black shades followed by a black trench coat! Then I wait behind the curtain for Scott to announce me to the crowd as the adrenalin goes through my body to become the chosen one!



Can you participate in The Matrix strip act?

The Matrix strip act does not require an audience member to be part of the live stage performance.

Please note The Matrix strip act may not be performed every Friday or Saturday night, or include David portraying Neo.


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