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22 anniversary show

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  • If you buy tickets to our 22nd Anniversary Show on 2/25/17, you and your guests will each receive a FREE PASS to attend a future Hollywood Men show before 2/24/18 if you add promo code 22YAS when buying tickets or making a reservation on our website.

Los Angeles, CA – February 4, 2017: The Hollywood Men announces their 22nd Anniversary Show will be hosted at OHM Nighclub on Saturday, February 25. The entire cast will be present to perform a full schedule of strip acts. Arrive early so you don’t miss any part of this special 2 hour show.

Doors open at 7pm. Show starts at 8pm.

Since our inception in January 1995, The Hollywood Men has provided the absolute best in male exotic entertainment for women. We thank the thousands of ladies who have attended our tasteful and fully choreographed male revue in Los Angeles for the past 22 years. Without your support, we would not have reached our 22nd anniversary bringing female fantasies to life. We hope you’ll continue to attend our show in the future.

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starring: Andre, Brian, Dave, Mario, Paolo, Sarge, Victor
starring: Ricky, Paolo, Tyler
starring: Andre
co-starring: Mario, Victor
starring: Andre, Paolo, Ricky, Sarge, Tyler
The Matrix
starring: Dave
co-starring: Mario, Victor
starring: Mario
Fifty Shades of Grey
starring: Sarge
starring: Brian
co-starring: Andre, Mario
Latin Lover
starring: Victor
co-starring: Dave, Mario
starring: Paolo
co-starring: Brian, Dave
starring: Andre
co-starring: Brian, Mario
starring: Ricky
co-starring: Brian, Victor
Leave Your Hat On
starring: Tyler
starring: Andre, Brian, Dave, Mario, Paolo, Ricky, Sarge, Tyler, Victor

Due to unforeseen circumstances Ohm night club has closed unexpectedly and permanently. The shows on April 19th and 20th are at PROJECT LA. All future shows will take place as scheduled but the location is yet to be determined as we are considering several venues, (all in the Hollywood area). If you have an existing reservation / ticket order, you will be notified of the location of the show on the night you’re attending as soon as it is confirmed.